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4-in-1 Combo

Bounce Houses

Reg Price - $239 / Day

SALE - $199 / Day

Large - $129 / Day

SALE - $99 / Day

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Extra Large or Bounce
House w/ Basketball Hoop
$139 / Day

SALE - $109 / Day

239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL

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Party Rentals
in Ft Myers FL

Here at 239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL we pride ourselves at providing the very best customer service to all our customers and especially to our customers who rent bounce house rentals in FT Myers FL because they have discovered the joys of renting from us versus renting from others. They have learned that instead of just a few hours of rental time when they rent from us they have full day rentals so they won’t have to watch the time but instead sit back and enjoy the time with their guests. They have also discovered that we have the lowest party rental prices in the area so they save money on all their rental needs for any party or event.

Bounce house rentals in FT Myers FL have increased when the word got out about our vast inventory of popular character and themed bounce houses. Kids are especially thrilled to know that we have Batman, Spider-Man & Disney Princesses. Our themed bouncers include Monster Trucks, Congrats Grads & Happy Birthday, just to name a few. Each bounce house we have in stock is cleaned and sanitized before each party and we also inspect them to be sure they are still in good condition. We have two sizes of each bounce house to fit any party guest list. Kids love the roomy bouncing area and adults love the great mesh openings that make it easy to view inside while the kids are having fun. The multi-colored primary colors are very attractive and draw attention as guests arrive at the party. Adults know that the kids will stay entertained for hours during the party because they can’t seem to get enough of bouncing and jumping.

We suggest that because of how popular our rental units are that if you intend to rent bounce house rentals in FT Myers FL that you call early to reserve your special date. Our friendly staff is always on hand to answer your party rental questions and can even help you make your selections. Bounce houses are perfect for any party or event in which kids are special guests.

Fully Licensed & Insured!Affordable_Bounce_House_Rentals_in_Cape_Coral_FL.html
Cleanest & Safest in 
the area!Cleanest_Cheapest_Bounce_Houses_in_Cape_Coral_FL.htmlCleanest_Cheapest_Bounce_Houses_in_Cape_Coral_FL.htmlCleanest_Cheapest_Bounce_Houses_in_Cape_Coral_FL.htmlCleanest_Cheapest_Bounce_Houses_in_Cape_Coral_FL.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2


Happy Birthday

Bouncy Castle

Disney Princess

Bouncy Castle

Congrats Grads

Bouncy Castle

Ninja Turtles

Bouncy Castle

Mickey Mouse

Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Black Panther



Paw Patrol

& more!

Monster Trucks

Bouncy Castle

Serving Cape Coral & surrounding areas!

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