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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.
We try to be as thorough as possible with our answers so
that our customers are well informed about our policies.
We follow all local laws, regulations and guidelines
and reserve the right to refuse any order.

The most popular question,
“What is your cancellation policy?”

When you reserve, we do require a 25% - 100% deposit using Visa or MasterCard. Larger parties will have a larger deposit. This deposit is credited towards your total bill. All deposits are non-refundable. We do not allow any changes to an order once a deposit has been given. Deposits are taken so that the equipment you rent is reserved and taken out of inventory. 

If a customer cancels, we possibly lose out on another rental for what the customer had on hold. If you cancel due to issues with your landlord, you forfeit your deposit or any other payments made. For schools, churches, etc., we will accept checks as a deposit. We understand that things happen where you must cancel your rental, but please understand that when we reserve your items, no one else can rent them because we have taken it out of inventory. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I cancel my rental and use
my deposit towards another rental?

It is at 239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL’s discretion,
that if we allow a deposit to be applied to a  future rental,
the future rental’s total must be for an equal or greater amount. 

Every host’s worst nightmare,
“It looks like rain, what do I do?”

We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to weather. We will try to wait as long as possible to deliver your equipment to allow you to make a decision up to the last minute. If you decide to go forward with the rental and it does rain, there is no refund. Once the equipment has been loaded
onto the trucks or delivered, we cannot do any refunds. If you decide to reschedule, we will do our best to give you exactly what you rented, but please understand that rain dates are not always available and we will
do our best to accommodate.

How does set up and delivery work?

Depending on the day of your party, we set up your equipment at least an hour before your party starts. There are many instances when we deliver equipment the day before, especially if you rent a tent or an inflatable on a Saturday. We always call our customers a few days before your event to schedule a 3-4 hour time window. Please understand that we are very busy and try our best to accommodate times, but there are many times when we mandate times because it is the only time available for delivery. Our drivers are all trained and know how to safely set up all equipment. If the drivers deem a location unsafe, they will choose a spot at their own discretion. Please be aware that things do happen throughout the day that are out of our control and we do our best to be on time, but delivery times are NOT guarantees and we ask that all customers be flexible and understanding.
If your inflatable is left overnight, it does not have to stay inflated the
whole time, only when in use. There is a switch on the blower of the
bounce house that turns it on and off. There must be a power outlet
within 100 feet of where the unit will be set up.

When is payment due and how can I pay
(cash, check, credit card)? 

Payment is due the day of delivery, no exceptions. Equipment will not
be set up if payment cannot be made at the time of delivery. We DO NOT accept checks for personal parties due to the risk of insufficient funds. Schools, businesses, churches etc. are exceptions and should talk to the office staff about payment. If payment by check is approved, it must be received within 7 days of the event. In the case that you cannot pay by credit card or cash, we will accept a money order or certified bank check, but these also must be received 7 days before the event. If paying by credit card, there is an extra processing fee to compensate for the fees our company is charged.
If you wish to pay by cash, there will be no additional fees. If you book within 7 days of your event, there is no option to pay by check, due to processing time. Please have payment ready when we arrive for delivery
so that our drivers are not delayed, making them late for the rest of their customers. This means that you cannot hand them a check at delivery and 
expect them to set up the equipment, this is NOT acceptable and our drivers do not have the time to wait for you to get another form of payment! 25%-100% deposits are required. Larger parties, specialty items or
in-season items will require larger deposits. All deposits/payments
are non-refundable.

Please Note: Coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.
Coupons will also not be accepted at the time of delivery!

Is 239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL
fully licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and registered as a party rental business. If you need proof of insurance, we would be more than happy to provide that. All of our units are also registered with the state. Am I guaranteed to get exactly what I ordered? We do everything in our power to deliver exactly what you ordered. Please understand that in the rare case that something happens to a unit where it is damaged, stolen, or any other sort of incident that is out of our control, we will do our best to replace it with an equal unit if possible. For instance, our drivers pick up a bounce house at a party and it was ripped by accident. We will do our best to replace your rental with something similar, but reserve the right to cancel the reservation if that is not possible. 

What if my party is indoors or on pavement?

Almost all units are available to be set up on pavement, but the
customer MUST make us aware of pavement set up at the time of booking. Sand bags or water weights will be added to the order at an addition charge to weight the unit down and make it safe for use. If we are not made aware
of pavement set up at the time of reservation, 239 Party Rentals LLC in
Cape Coral FL will charge a $25 convenience fee to the customer. Please understand that this is a safety matter where the unit MUST be correctly weighted down and if we are not made aware, we come unprepared for
such situations and have to go back to the warehouse to get weights.
Indoor set up is similar, where weights will be used. We require that the customer goes to the venue to measure ceiling heights and make sure there are no obstructions in the way of the unit. We reserve the right to cancel
any reservation at any venue that is unfit for indoor use. From past experiences, we know that indoor rentals can be tricky due to space,
so please give us accurate measurement so we can best assist you and
make sure the unit will fit. 

Will I have to sign a Rental Agreement?

Yes, ALL customers must sign an agreement in order for equipment to be set up. Who ever signs the rental agreement takes full responsibility for what they are signing, and MUST BE OVER 18 TO SIGN! This means that who ever accepts delivery has to be an adult over 18, meaning your children, even if a teenager cannot be the only ones home. 

When will the equipment be picked up?

We try our very best to leave equipment as long as possible. Depending on the day of rental, equipment may be left overnight. 239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL may pick up equipment at the end time of your party and will not always be left overnight. Please be aware that many units are not safe for use after dark. Customers also must understand that many weekends,
we turn every single unit around for the next day, so if it cannot be left overnight, it is because it is going to someone else’s party early the next morning. We reserve the right to pick up a bounce house when the party is over even if it is requested to be left over night. 239 Party Rentals LLC in Cape Coral FL is known for giving the longest rentals, so we try our best
to leave units overnight, especially to past time customers, but we have
other customers that require delivery of their equipment as well.

Please Note: If your party is being held at a public place, such as a park,
we reserve the right to mandate pick up times. If a park closes at 8pm and your party is running until 8, we will most likely come early so that we
can make sure we get there before the park closes.

Will there be a delivery fee?

Delivery depends on where you are located and what you are renting.
We do our best to keep delivery rates to a minimum, but as a business,
we must cover certain costs that do increase every year. We apologize
for any inconvenience this causes, especially to our past time customers. 

Do you offer discounts of any kind?

Yes! We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible, but we do offer military discounts, discounts for schools, churches, etc. We also offer great package deals for multiple item rentals. Call us today to hear about our discounts and specials!